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Working at a distance happens more and more often. It is not only flexible, but it is also practical for yourself. Working at home would not have been possible if today's technology had not been that efficient. The latest smartphones like the iPhone 7 that are made for continuous use, the ever-improved laptops, the number of places in my country where Wi-Fi is to work remotely and so on. But is working remotely so fine? This list shows the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely.

Benefits at home working

- The travel time to work falls away. If you live far from your job, that is of course ideal: you do not have to sit in the car for so long, take the train or stand in traffic. That saves a lot of time that you can also spend on other things.

- Do you have children? Then it is nice to work at home once a week, so that you can pick up the children from the daycare for example. Plus you can spend more time with them!

- If you have an office job, you often sit behind your laptop, or you call customers and lots of things happen via the mail. You can also do all those things in a different place if you want to. For your work you do not necessarily have to be at work.

- Nowadays everyone has a good mobile with which you can multitask. If you have a mobile with a lot of storage, such as the iPhone 7, then the possibilities are infinite. You can then share and send files. This makes the work even more flexible.


- If there is ever a last-minute meeting with colleagues you can't be there. This should be done via Skype or Facetime, but that is not ideal for communication.

- If you have to work a lot with your colleagues, it is also not useful if you are not there yourself. A lot will have to be called, and that takes a lot of time. It is easier to speak to each other face-to-face.

- The boss can't check whether you are really working on your work. It is of course quite easy to be distracted at home. For example, you take your lunch break a little longer, take care of your pet or you are distracted by any other householders.

What motivates you to work at home? Or do you always prefer to work in the office?

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