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Head Electrical Engineer Job

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Carry out the directives of the Project Manager.
Monitor and coordinate all the activities relative to the Planning and to the Quality Assurance of the Electrical Works.
Carry out, in the University Premises, the directives of the Project Manager, to monitor and co-ordinate all the activities relevant to the planning, scheduling and quality assurance of the electrical services of the University.
Ensure that the quality of electrical services in accordance with the set standards, health and safety regulations and objectives.
Co-operate with the operators/technicians and give any technical support in updating the work schedules.
Co-operate with other Departments and give any technical support in keeping the inventory, spare parts, material and storage levels.
Meet with the Employer End users in and outside the University upon the directions of the Project Manager, and maintain records of all such meetings reporting to the Project Manager.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Responsible directly to the Project Manager.

Job Requirements:
BSc/BEE degree in Electrical engineering
Experience :
- 15 experience minimum, at least 8 years in the operation and maintenance of electrical services in similar facilities.
- Practical experience should include: maintenance and operation of electrical works in large projects, operation of a Planned Preventive Maintenance System and services day- to-day with a working knowledge of computers and good management control
- These technical and professional skills must be balanced by a commensurate ability in general management and practical expertise in the development of interpersonal skills and relationship.
Speaks, reads and writes good Arabic and English.
Any other qualification :
- The Head Electrical Engineer should be present on site daily for 8 hours.
- He should be available on twenty-four hours call to deal with any arising emergencies.


Minimum experience Any Gender Any
Age from Any Age To Any
Driving license? Any Own a car ? Any
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