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Job Description:
Receiving the budget estimates from all the departments of the organization and critically examining them for correctness, accuracy and completeness.
Studying the previous budget and taking into consideration the benefits and losses incurred during the previous financial year.
prepare the budget model.
Consolidating the data for budget presentation and providing an overview of the financial status of all the operations.
Monitoring the budget throughout the year and prepare monthly budget performance report.
Preparing detailed reports about discrepancies and amendments that occurred in the budget, during the entire financial year , this is done with budgeting manager .
Update the budget model as requested to account for significant changes in the business environment.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
Experience in, or knowledge of, accounting and accounting principles sufficient to prepare complex and detailed financial and budgetary analyses and to address a variety of budgetary problems.
Demonstrated analytical skills that allow for interpretation of budgetary, financial, and related management information.
Excellent writing skills sufficient to draft professional reports and correspondence that is clear and concise.
Strong organizational skills to work independently and to prioritize a heavy workload under the pressure of competing assignments.
Excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills .
Ability to respond flexibly and positively in all circumstances, and to work calmly under pressure.
Excellent numerical, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
Strong technical experience to prepare and maintain financial models and reports.
Ability to forecast financial budget elements
Attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy.
Excellent computer skills and experience using spreadsheet, charting, and other software tools, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.
Ability to use software tools to present data clearly and concisely.
Skills in quantitative financial analysis and budgetary control, with thorough working knowledge of general accounting principles .

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