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Visual Merchandising Controller Job

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Job Description:
VM Controller assists VM Supervisor to make sure that the company s style and image is brought to the attention of customers.
Visual merchandising team members contribute to the advertising, marketing, and sales efforts of a retail location by designing, developing and taking charge of the visual look of the store and its merchandise.
As a member of the in-store merchandising team, VM Controller will execute merchandising strategies, defined by the company s
HQ, by creating and maintaining visual displays in the store windows and on the sales floor.

Key Responsibilities
Customer Service
Implement the company s customer services philosophy.
Advice the customers about any new promotions.
Answer customers' questions, and provide information on procedures or policies.
Communicate with clients to acquire store feedbacks

Come up with creative and artistic concepts for in-store displays
Takeover of the visual look of the store
Devise, implement and execute effective merchandising strategies
Create and maintain different visual displays
Present effective promotional ideas to increase store profits and sale
Move and position store merchandises
Maintain an organized, visually appealing and welcoming store environment
Organize fashion events, discount sales, and other gimmicks to attract more store customers

Optimize store profit s level by reducing cost
Manage all operation expenses with a spirit of cost saving.

Loss Prevention & Safety
Advise Store Manager of potential security risks and major shrinkage issues.
Ensure that the store environment is safe for employees and customers.
Detect common signs of shoplifting, theft and other security risks and promptly communicated to Security Supervisor
Comply with all Safety & Security procedures.
Ensure that every item exit from the store attached with the official papers per as the company policy & procedure.
Never left the exit gate without replacement and approval from the operation manager.
Job Requirements:
High school diploma.
3-5 Years of experience in a related field
A working knowledge of Microsoft Office will probably be required.
Advanced basic knowledge of computer functions with you into the position
Read, Write and communicate using English language.
Practice of Arabic language will be appreciated.
Any other qualification required.
High notion of DIY with usage of manual and electric tools
Organizational skills, as well as planning, project management
Time management expertise.
Strong creative flair and effective problem solving abilities.


Minimum experience Any Gender Any
Age from Any Age To Any
Driving license? Any Own a car ? Any
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