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The hr analytics and data visualization course supports persons who (are working/aim to lean for working) in the (hr/human resources) field; but what are the benifits from taking this course?

With HR Analytics the impact of HR investments can be mapped. Effective application, visualization and reporting, however, appears to be quite a challenge for many HR professionals. In order to adequately manage the HR strategy, however, you need to be able to establish a good cause-and-effect relationship between HR investments and the ultimate business impact. This relationship must also be made transparent and understandable for your environment. You understand: this requires thorough knowledge and expertise.

The course HR Analytics & Data Visualization helps you with this. On the one hand with the acquisition of relevant knowledge and expertise in the field of HR Analytics and on the other hand with the visualization and presentation of conclusions and reports. Using simple principles and insights about the way people process information, you learn to make data visualizations readable, accessible and comprehensible. You will learn the most important techniques and principles for effective data visualizations and how you can present and report conclusions in a clear way.

Subjects you'll learn from the hr analytics and data visualization course:

- How can I organize and apply HR analytics within my company?
- How can I use and apply characteristic and control numbers in practice?
- What is the difference between ratios and steering figures and HR Analytics?
- How can I draw conclusions from datasets and how can they be visualized?
- How can I include this in my report in view of the effect to be achieved
- How can I visualize / present my analyzes to get commitment.

What is the result of the hr analytics and data visualization course?

After completing the HR Analytics & Data Visualization course you will gain more insight into the fact-based view of investments in Human Resources. You are able to make analyzes yourself that map the impact of HR on the company goals. On the one hand, you will learn how to draw significant conclusions from datasets and, on the other hand, how you can best include these in your reports with a view to achieving the desired effect. Concepts such as reasoning and logic are discussed extensively. You will also learn how to best visualize your analyzes in certain situations. Finally, you will learn how to best visualize analyzes in order to get maximum commitment from management / management.

Where can I get the hr analytics and data visualization course?

We gave you only some background-knowledge for the common topics and objectives of the hr analytics and data visualization course, our advice is to search google using "free online hr analytics and data visualization courses" before finding a local learning provider.

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