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The personal development course supports persons who (are working/aim to lean for working) in the (hr / people development) field; but what are the benifits from taking this course?

Do you want to develop further in your work or private life? Are you constantly running into the same problem and are you unable to solve this problem in the way you want? The "Personal Development" gives you insight into your most important development question: What exactly is the problem you experience and what behavior you show yourself what the problem will sustain for you. By getting the problem clear you can then work on the solution. You will receive handles, insight into your pitfalls and qualities and a personal and concrete detailed step-by-step plan to change your behavior in the direction you want.

Subjects you'll learn from the personal development course:

During this day, as a participant you will deepen your most important development question in work or in private. The following questions / themes will be discussed. - I often feel insecure at work and / or private, how can I get a better grip on this?
- How can I set more limits and learn to say 'no'?
- I get stuck in contact with my supervisor, where does this come from?
- I find it difficult to act from my own. How can I deal with this (differently)?
- I often hear that I'm not sufficiently assertive, how can I change this?
- How do I become happy in my work and / or private life?
- How can I develop myself on the point of empathy and / or empathy?

- I do not yet dare to take the step to a new position. How do I do that?

What is the result of the personal development course?

After the course you will know what your most important development question is. You have an overview of the problem that you always encounter and the desired change. You know your most important pitfalls and your qualities. At the end of the day each participant takes a personal overview of his development question, including concrete tools to develop himself on this question home to practice what he has learned and put into practice. Afterwards you will be informed of the most important insights in the field of psychology, personal development and deeper motives of people. After the course you can immediately start with your personal development plan.

Where can I get the personal development course?

We gave you only some background-knowledge for the common topics and objectives of the personal development course, our advice is to search google using "free online personal development courses" before finding a local learning provider.

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