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The strategic human resource management and leadership course supports persons who (are working/aim to lean for working) in the (HRM) field; but what are the benifits from taking this course?

The role of the HR professional is becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Volatile markets, mergers and acquisitions, changing laws and regulations and rapidly changing organizations are developments that the modern HR professional must take into account and must be able to respond adequately. This means that, in addition to widening, the HR manager will have to add depth to his / her knowledge in order to be able to participate. This floor, together with strategy and leadership, is explicitly addressed during this training.

Subjects you'll learn from the strategic human resource management and leadership course:

- Which trends and developments are there that are important for HR management?
- Which theories, concepts and models are there in the field of strategic HRM ?
- Which insights are important for the changing role of the HR manager?
- What is the role of strategy and leadership in Human Resources Management?
- How can I analyze, analyze and change the own HR organization?
- Which 'strategic HR management tools can help me with this?
- How do I measure the effectiveness of my management decisions and how do I contribute?

What is the result of the strategic human resource management and leadership course?

After completion of the Executive Master's degree in Strategic Human Resource Management & Leadership, you will be able to make better decisions with sharper knowledge in HRM. You can better analyze the current HR situation of your organization and you can give better interpretation with the aid of new insights, knowledge and key figures. You are also able to better understand the implications of your HR decisions and realize the role leadership and strategy play in this. You have insight into the success factors of HRM leaders and are aware of the latest knowledge in the areas of performance management, competence management and knowledge management. You round off the master with a presentation.

Where can I get the strategic human resource management and leadership course?

We gave you only some background-knowledge for the common topics and objectives of the strategic human resource management and leadership course, our advice is to search google using "free online strategic human resource management and leadership courses" before finding a local learning provider.

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