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The talent management and hr development course supports persons who (are working/aim to lean for working) in the (human resources management/training/people development) field; but what are the benifits from taking this course?

Talented employees often form the basis for successful companies and organizations. The existing potential is optimally developed in this type of company. An important role for HRM is usually involved in this . In order to get your organization on this course, a targeted HR strategy must be implemented in which talent management and human resource development are central. In this study you will learn, among other things, to structurally embed talent management in your organization and thus bring about new organizational growth.

Subjects you'll learn from the talent management and hr development course:

- Trends and developments in the area of ​​HRD and talent development.
- How are business development and talent development connected?
- How can you stimulate talent development with your company culture and values?
- Relations between group dynamics, team development and talent return.
- How can I formulate an HR (D) strategy focused on talent management?
- How can I implement this HR (D) strategy and integrate it into the organization?
- How can I create support for change and dealing with internal resistance?
- How should this strategy be monitored and when should it be adjusted?

What is the result of the talent management and hr development course?

After completing the Post HBO Talent Management & HR Development course you will have more insight into the business administration approach of HRD / HRM and its relevance for further organizational development. You are able to formulate, implement and integrate a solid HR (D) strategy into the organization. You are aware of the relationships between business development and talent management. You have insight into the working of the company culture / values ​​on talent development and you know how group dynamics, team development and talent return relate to each other. Finally, you are able to implement changes within the organization and are also able to adjust in the execution of the strategy at the right moments.

Where can I get the talent management and hr development course?

We gave you only some background-knowledge for the common topics and objectives of the talent management and hr development course, our advice is to search google using "free online talent management and hr development courses" before finding a local learning provider.

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