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The best back-office for your company is your favorite jacket: it's like a cast, suitable for all your ambitions and fits with the rest of your wardrobe. If you belong to the average group of men, endless shopping is not your hobby. In this blog we will give you 4 simple tricks with which you can quickly find the back-office that suits your company as a tailor-made suit.

1. Best jacket
An optimal jacket is tailored to your size and physique. The same principle applies to business software . It therefore pays to look for software that is tailored to your industry and the growth phase in which your company is located. There are online websites available for online tools, where you can quickly find the software providers that can supplement your back office. Think critically about which functionalities you really need, and which may be hip, but not really necessary in this phase of your company.

2. Matching jacket
You do not have a beautiful yellow jacket, with which no logical combination can be made in your wardrobe, in practice. When purchasing new software it is also wise to look at the links that are made with your already purchased software. A list of the possible links can often be found at the bottom of the homepage of the provider, under the name API. For an overview of possible links of many online tools, you can visit the App Center of Appwiki .

3. Flexible jacket
Size matters ... both for closing that jacket and for matching the software with your company. Sometimes you grow hard, and your jacket is too tight. To be able to take it out at will, without too many additional costs, is then very pleasant. Because many providers of online tools use monthly subscriptions, the jacket at shrinkage is always easy to scale back. When purchasing new software it is good to already take your ambitions into account. Take a close look at the different price options: does the price increase proportionally to the increasing number of customers or staff? Now smart dialing can save a lot of money at a later stage.

4. Quality jacket
Without knowledge of clothing you sail blindly on the advice of the seller or acquaintances. With the free trial period that many software suppliers offer, you can test for a month whether the quality is really as good as you claim. Be sure to look at:
- The speed of the application
- The user-friendliness (do you intuitively understand how to use the tool)
- The customer service (is the helpdesk easily accessible, they help you further, there are manuals published online)
- The possibilities (does the tool really give you an overview, there are useful reports available and how satisfied are you with the import and export possibilities).

If you can not do better than your competition, dress better

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