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Abusive or threatening customers, theft or physical violence. Entrepreneurs - specially retailers - are increasingly confronted with it. What can you do to protect your employees?

Attention to unsafety

A lift mechanic in a poorly lit flat, an employee who mans the video library on his own in the evening. Examples of work situations that can be unsafe for employees. Specially in neighborhoods where the risk of aggression and violence is also relatively high.

Attention to (social) insecurity in the workplace is not a luxury. After all, violence and aggression by customers are increasingly common. In addition to preventive measures, it is important that staff are aware of how to deal with aggression.

What can you do yourself?

Employers must, under the Working Conditions Act , protect their employees against aggression and violence. Together with your staff and the government you can tackle social insecurity in various ways. The possibilities vary from the inclusion of the risks in the risk inventory and evaluation and training for employees to the prevention of impoverishment of the working environment and more attention to safe transport to and from work.

Simple tips with which you can get started:

- Train your staff in contact with customers : poor communication is often a cause of aggression.
- Reduce the availability of cash within the reach of the employees (make sure there are no large sums of money at the checkout).
- Invest in surveillance by means of cameras .
- Provide good lighting at the staff exits and do not open the rear door wide in hot weather.
- Make sure that your employees know how to handle social insecurity (just like physical insecurity). What procedures do they have to follow, how is victim support provided? Offer aggression training.
- Think of the possibility of detectors on the body or in clothing during high-risk activities (eg cash transportation), so that an employee who is alone can quickly call for help.
- Have dangerous jobs done by two employees , if possible . Naturally, under threat of a knife or gun, you do not just do it alone, but someone alone is generally an easier victim for mental threats or aggressive customers.
- Maintain good contact with the police ; ask for a permanent contact person, for example, indicate when you may need extra supervision.
- Start a collaboration with others in action around you: connect together a contract with a security company or police.

Joining hands Combining

social insecurity does not have to cost a lot. Consider, for example, agreeing to conclude contracts with other companies with security companies or consultation with the police about controls. The costs must of course be proportionate, but also ask yourself: how much is a human life worth? Also remember that an employee who falls out due to aggression and violence can be out of the running for a long time. The costs are also not wrong. An employee with a modal income who is ill for a year, costs the employer tens of thousands of euros. Investments in preventive measures and training do not fall into this.


Employees are often ill-informed about what to do in case of incidents and are not trained in dealing with difficult customers and aggression; emphasizes the importance of training because the aggression in society increases. On a releated website, shopkeepers canfollow a training course lasting forty- five minutes , which focuses on customer approach, suspicious situations and dealing with groups.

If you want to train yourself and your staff to act correctly during, for example, theft, violence or a robbery, following a training course or course is a must. Various trade organizations offer such training courses.

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