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Employers Need To Define Job Descriptions Taks And Functions

A job description contributes as a basis for the internal communication within your organization. It provides clarity and is usually part of the job profile.


A task is a collection of activities. If someone has the task to take care of the mail then the activities are: opening and registering the incoming mail, processing the mail (so that it reaches the right people), sending the post, franking etc.


A function can be described as a collection of related tasks . Tasks are the content of the function. A function can be derived from the goals of the organization! If the organization has the goal: 'providing administrative services for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses', then there may be a function that deals with the export of this service, the sale of this service to companies or the provision of this service. internal administrative tasks to support the goal.

Why a job description is so important?

The redirection of tasks to functions is a very important factor in business management. There are a number of criteria to be compiled that must be met:
- the purpose for which the tasks are directed;
- the kind of tasks
- the requirements imposed on the employee to carry out the tasks
- the place where the tasks should be performed
- the time at which tasks are performed
- the materials that have to be used in the function.


With a successful job creation, a number of important issues play a role:
- there must be 'satisfaction in the work'
- a function must provide a reasonable day-fulfillment
- tasks of the same type should be accommodated in 1 position in 1 place
- the position must be 'manageable', ie there must be people who can staff the function in terms of knowledge and skills.

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