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Quickly inform a customer via Whatsapp, answer an important e-mail or place an order on the way; it can be done from the palm of your hand. Being always available is a blessing, as long as private life does not suffer. Five tips to make your employees work as productively as possible in a flexible way.

1: Give the employee the space to separate work and private life

In the current digital era, everyone has the smartphone within reach 24 hours a day. Research shows that employees who can work flexibly are more productive. As long as your employee does not feel that his or her private life suffers, there are only advantages. As an employer, make sure that the separation between work and private life is clear. Give your employees a work phone and discuss when they need to be reachable. And more importantly: agree when they can go offline with peace of mind and let notifications (temporarily) rest. Employees who are happy in private life also radiate this on their work.

2: Entrust your employees the freedom

A third of all employees are currently working one day a week on a mobile basis. Now that the technical possibilities are there, more and more people want the freedom of mobile working. Employees who are given the opportunity to work flexibly do not want to damage the confidence of their boss - for example, there is less absenteeism among employees who work at home. But how do you know what your employees are doing, if you can not see them immediately? However, it is not about whether your employees are present at the office, but what they are performing. With flexible working staff, you look purely at the results. Do you want to see how it goes? Then there are always opportunities to communicate, for example with Skype for Business from Vodafone.

3: Ensure that the employee has a professional mobile work environment

Mobile working does not mean working from the couch or from bed. Go into conversation with the people who want to work flexibly. Make sure they have a responsible working environment. It is important that they can work at a desk or table in a quiet environment without too many distraction factors. Whether that is at home, or outside the door. This ensures increased productivity. In addition, think of good lighting and avoid mirroring and noise. It is also important to be able to set the work table and office chair at the correct height. Sometimes aids are needed, such as a footstool. You could also make a financial contribution to improving the (home) workplace. In this way, it is possible to work anywhere as productively as possible. Vodafone offers solutions that enable your employees to always and everywhere at work and to keep in constant contact with colleagues. You are immediately assured of maximum mobile security. This way you prevent your company data from falling into the wrong hands.

4: Make sure that the technique stands as a house

There are many technological solutions that enable remote collaboration. The basis for a flexible workplace is a secure high speed 4G and / or Wi-Fi connection. Vodafone - with the largest 4G network in the world - offers a wide range of real-time cloud solutions for collaboration and communication. For example, Office 365 in combination with integrated communication , securing your smartphones and tablets at a distance and applications such as Sharepoint or Yammer. A good technological basis ensures that your employees can experience the freedom of new work and that you do not have to worry about it.

5: Provide a tailor-made solution

Look for a solution that fits your business. Listen carefully to the wishes of your employees. Consider, for example, the way of communicating, which has changed rapidly in recent years. Offer a range of communication and collaboration tools, such as One Net (a virtual PBX in the cloud) or Office 365 (online collaboration in familiar Microsoft solutions such as Word). Let your employee determine where he or she is most comfortable and then make sure that you facilitate that as an employer.

With these five tips, you are ready to make your staff work in a responsible and productive way.

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