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A good application always starts from a resume (curriculum vitae - CV) and a cover letter (application letter). One can not do without the other and just when both documents are well attuned to each other, you are most likely to be invited to an interview. Moreover, a good cover letter attracts attention while resumes often look alike.

In a resume you briefly describe your career to date (education, work experience) and your cover letter to make it clear to the reader why you think that you are suitable for this specific job. A good covering letter improves your chances and gives a personal twist to your application. But keep it short and concise. A Cover letter can never be longer than one A4!

A well-written letter shows that you are serious and have qualities. This is how you distinguish yourself from the other candidates. In addition to the content, the style is important. Your letter must above all radiate enthusiasm.

Structure of the letter

A good cover letter consists of four parts, described in 3 to 5 paragraphs. Successively these are the following points:
- Opening
- Motivation
- To sell yourself
- Closing


- Explain which job you are applying for
- Add an oneliner why you are suitable: attract attention!
- Refer to any telephone conversation that you have had with the recruiter

Example: ' I saw that you are looking for an experienced receptionist for the entrance of hotel H-OTEL; here I am! ' A' With great interest, I read your vacancy on in which you are looking for an enthusiastic service technician. ' is not necessarily wrong, but it does not really make an original impression either. It is, of course, up to the sector where you apply how creative you can be with the opening of the cover letter.


- Describe why you are applying for this position
- Explain why you want to work at this company

Example: 'I have been working with pleasure in the hospitality industry for years and know your restaurants as one of the best in the area. I would like to continue my career in such a prominent restaurant. '

To sell yourself:

- Please argue why you are the right candidate for the job
- Refer to your training, your work experience or market knowledge. But just mention what is specifically appropriate for that function. Do not mention your entire life course - that is your resume!
- Go into your personal skills and characteristics

Example: " In my previous job I led a team of seven people. This was a task that suited me, because I could easily combine my professional knowledge and my didactic qualities. '


- This is the beginning for further contact
- Do not end your letter that you hope the employer responds. That seems like begging. Hope expresses doubt, closes your letter vigorously
- Write that you have confidence that your qualities match the requirements
- Note that you would like to provide an oral explanation of your letter and CV
- Please indicate further actions. For example that you contact us by telephone

Example: 'I would like to drink coffee soon to explain my resume personally. '

If you have created a structure for the preparation of your cover letter, you may be able to perfect it with tips for the content of your cover letter .

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