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The minimalist, the gossamer, the unguided missile ... Troublesome employees come in all shapes and sizes. In his book "What should I do with Gerard", Wim Geerts typifies the most important burden suits. In addition, the author provides the tools to deal effectively with each type.

You write that by far the best remedy for difficult employees is: make sure you do not get them. Why is it so rare?

"In practice, you see that one major selection error is often made: you want to fill in a job shortly, but you fail to see if a new employee fits your company in the long term. mission and the goal of your company, is there a joint ambition? You must have seriously investigated this if you hire someone for a longer period of time. " You give 17 examples of 'difficult' employees. What do you think is the most difficult?

"For me personally that is 'the narrator', the employee who started over enthusiastically and is now out of the game, but that will be different for every boss, because it is just what kind of behavior you are allergic to and what not. to investigate the reader as well what his own part is in a difficult collaboration. " 'I wish you many staff' is the well-known Jewish cursing. After all, many bosses suffer from their employees. How is it that the entrepreneur is often more motivated than his staff?

"Entrepreneurs do business because that motivates them and gives them fun." They are ambitious and result-oriented, so they start their own business, but employees often have very different motives, for example "working in a nice team" or "working on technology". If the business makes a profit, they may not be so important at all, if only they can be interested in what they are interested in. Mutual misunderstanding is enough in such a situation to make it difficult. "

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