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A definition of sustainable employability is: employees can be used sustainably if they can work in a healthy, competent and productive manner throughout their careers.

The workforce is going to decline

It is becoming increasingly important for employees to stay longer in employment as the labor force will decrease by around 1 million between now and 2038. A lot is written about sustainable employability of employees in the media.

By raising the retirement age, companies must start working on their sustainable employability policy. By paying attention at an early stage to the employability of employees, the possibilities and opportunities are increased.

The average exit age

The average exit age has increased from 59 years to 63 years since 2006 in five years. In the recent Spring Agreement, the state pension age is gradually increased to 67 years. In addition, the maximum severance pay will apply and will be converted for a budget for training and work to work paths.

Awareness of employability

For the entrepreneur the question now remains how to increase the meaning of the work for the employee. An important element here is that the employee must be aware of or become aware of his employability at a higher age. When the employee is aware of this, he can take this into account when making choices in his career. However, this awareness is not always present naturally and the need to be involved with this was significantly lower.

Implementation plan

In identifying the opportunities and bottlenecks for sustainable employability, the organization must map out current and future developments that affect the work and the employee. The balance between work, employee and the needs of the company is not a stable fact, employees develop further, life needs change and technological developments change the question. This may mean that employees need training, the deployment of employees must change. By examining both the current situation and future developments, it is possible to opt for actions that are sustainable towards the future. It is important to create a broad basis within the company, a clear approach and a good implementation plan.

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