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What they are going to ask in a job interview you never know beforehand. That also makes it so exciting. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself for this. In this article you will find 60 questions that are often asked during a job interview. Just look at how far you are coming to answer them. Do you find it difficult to formulate your answers correctly? Practice it at home so that it becomes easier during the conversation.

Questions in a job interview about you

- Tell me: who are you?
- What are your three strongest points?
- What are your three weakest points?
- How would your current colleagues describe you?
- Are you stress resistant? Can you mention a concrete example that shows this?
- Are you self-employed? Call a concrete example that shows this.
- Can you easily work together? Name an example from your current work.
- Call an incident where you did not agree with your employer. What did you do then?
- Tell us about a big mistake that you made at work. How did you solve this?
- Call an incident where a customer was very angry. How did you handle this?
- What do you do when two colleagues ask you for help and you can help only one of them?
- Which type of colleague do you find difficult to work with? How do you deal with this?
- How do you keep abreast of developments in your field?
- What are your hobbies?
- Which book do you read now or what is the last book you have read?
- What are your favorite websites?
- What motivates you?
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And where do you see yourself in 10 years?
- Suppose I now ask your current employer to list your strengths and weaknesses. What would he or she say?
- What does your dream job look like?

Questions about your education

- Why did you choose this course?
- If you started studying now, would you choose the same study? Why not)?
- What type of student were you?
- Were you active in club life in your student days?
- What was the subject of your thesis / graduation project? Tell us something about this.
- If you have done a long time about your education: how do you explain the study delay?

Interview questions about your last jobs

- Why did you choose your previous positions and employers?
- What were your most important activities at your current or previous workplace?
- What powers and responsibilities did you have in your previous positions?
- What are the reasons why you changed jobs in the past?
- Which projects did you work on and which project are you most proud of?
- What results did you achieve? How did you manage this?
- Why did you change job so quickly in the past?
- What is the name of the director of the company where you work now?
- Why do you want to stop your current job?

Questions about the function

- Why are you applying for this job?
- Do you see yourself in a managerial position? What is your talent for leadership?
- If your training does not match the job: why do you think you are suitable?
- What qualities do you think you need to fulfill this function?
- Can you give examples that show that you have those qualities?
- Are you prepared to follow a training or further training?
- How much time do you think you need to work in this position?
- How do you think your daily schedule looks like if you fulfill this function?
- What do you want to achieve in this job in 3 months? And what about a year?
- Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
- What start salary do you expect for this job?
- Do you see this job as an 'interim solution' or as a definitive solution? (This often requires an employer if you apply under your educational level).
- Why do not you want a job that better suits your education?

Questions in a job interview about the company

- Why do you want to work specifically with us?
- Tell me what you already know about our company. Who do you see as our competitors?
- What kind of products or services do we supply?
- Name a few developments in the market that are relevant to this function.
- Name a few market developments that we as an organization have to deal with.

Other questions in a job interview

- What is your notice period with your current employer?
- How do you explain the gaps in your resume? (The periods in which you did not follow a course and did not have a job.)
- Do you have more applications running?
- Can you give a few references that we can call?
- What question should we have asked?
- What did you think of the conversation?
- What questions do you have?

Think of your own questions

Before you go to the job interview, you can also come up with some questions yourself. What else could the employer ask you for? Think of the company, the position and what can be found online about you. Prepare for these questions. Do not learn them by heart, because your answer is very unnatural. Take a look here if you want to know more about preparing your job interview. Good luck at your job interview!

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