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An organization chart is a schematic representation of your organizational structure. An organization chart provides insight into how the organization actually works:
- which departments are there?
- who is responsible for what?
- where are the competencies within your company?

The organizational structure is the basis for internal communication . And an organization chart is a schematic representation of this company structure.

Relationships are made transparent

An organization chart provides insight into the relationships within the company. The higher a person is drawn in the diagram: the more powers the person has and the more responsibilities.

Display of the organizational structure

Organizational structure means the whole of functions and tasks. Then the corresponding responsibilities and responsibilities are described. An organizational structure is a business representation of functions and has nothing to do with people. In addition to job and job descriptions, the communication channels, work consultations, etc. are usually also displayed. In other words: the mutual coordination between functions is an important part of an organizational structure. Various types of organizational structures can be distinguished, such as the line organization, matrix organization, linking-pin, the line-staff organization etc.

Job profiles and job descriptions

When the organizational structure is clear, job profiles and job descriptions can be created. The usefulness and necessity of job descriptions and job profiles should not be underestimated. It is very important for internal communication, recruitment and selection and even during the reorganization.
Job description
When we further specify the job profiles, we arrive at the job description. What is a task? A task is a collection of activities. If someone has the task of taking care of the mail then the activities are: opening and registering the incoming mail, processing the mail (so that it reaches the right people), sending the post, franking etc. the usefulness and necessity of job descriptions should not be underestimated.

Job requirements
At the moment that positions are clearly defined including the associated tasks, responsibilities and authorities, the requirements for the performance of a certain function can be determined.

With a job requirement, the following issues must be considered:
- what knowledge is needed for the execution of the job: training
- what skills is needed: experience (for example: social skills, calculation skills, managerial skills).
- personal and physical characteristics: intelligence, creativity, height, weight
- specific requirements for accessibility, flexibility (in case of shift work).

Please note: job requirements are your selection requirements immediately in a recruitment & selection procedure

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