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"Employers often wonder why conducting a performance appraisal interviews with employees and why they would actually hold performance reviews?"
The company generally consists of your hard-working, motivated people and if there is anything, you can say that to each other. Occasionally the state of affairs is discussed at a company meeting.

Purpose of the performance appraisal

A performance appraisal interview aims to optimize the functioning of an employee and to keep it in line with developments in the company. In addition, employers want as much mutual commitment as possible. The better the employee functions, the greater the work pleasure, the better the performance. Employees are not machines that occasionally need a drop of oil as a reward.

It's about functioning

In a performance appraisal interview, among other things, the functioning of the employee in his current position. How can operation be further improved?
- are there circumstances that affect the functioning favorably or unfavorably?
- what does the development within the company mean for the position and the employee?
- is there a need for training now or in the near future? These are a number of questions that can be reviewed.

What is characteristic of a performance appraisal?

A performance interview is about the future functioning of an employee in the organization. Problems that impede functioning are discussed and solutions are sought for this. The most important principle of a performance interview is that it is two-way traffic. The employee and the manager can express their opinions and wishes. The conversation is based on equality in the sense of equal discussion partners. Both the manager and the employee are responsible for the input and smooth running of the interview.


In a performance interview, the following points are usually discussed:
- nature and level of work
- experience of the work (including collaboration with colleagues)
- to prevent factors that function well
- future plans

A performance interview takes place at least once a year.

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