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Administrator Resume & Cover Letter

In this page you'll find resume (curriculum vitae / cv) sample and covering letter (also known as: job letter, application letter, or cv letter) for administrator job title.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Upon review of your posting for administrator at you organization, I was eager to send my resume for your review. As an enthusiastic expert with years of serving experience, I'm qualified to make an immediate and positive impact on your business in this position.

My work experience has qualified me to excel as your new administrator. My additional strengths in time management, team working, and problem solving, support me to thrive in this position.

Highlights of my career background & resume responsibilities for this job include:

- Ensure fully functional office, site needs & systems in place.

- Reporting of ftes, staff list, project structure updates on every month.

- Prepare & manage internal & external correspondence on routine matters independently.

- Requisition, track, report & maintain records of purchases, services contracted, payments, asset listing etc.

- Liaise with finance, it, infrastructure, groups & various suppliers, contractors.

- Human resources support - assist in recruitment, interviews, induction of new associates, joining & exit formalities.

- Coordinate training programs, group interactions, meetings, team building & social programs.

- Travel bookings - coordinate for visa, itinerary, tickets & forex for foreign travel.

- Hotel bookings & local transport arrangements for overseas visitors.

- Renewals of statutory licenses, annual maintenance contracts of office equipment's.

- Administrator for timecard system.

- Administrator for access & communications systems.

- Ensure fully functional office for high quality output & statutory requirements are complied with.

- Ensure smooth workflow, communication, policies/procedures, deliverables are in compliance with global set-up.

- Ensure all requisitions, purchase orders, purchases in compliance with finance sops.

- Ensure all associates complete & understand processes w.r.t. to joining, induction, time-card, attendance, leave records etc.

- Managing departmental needs e.g. stationary, photocopiers, toners, printers, faxes, telephones, & accessories.

- Maintenance of personnel & office files with meticulous planning & systematic approach.

With my excellent knowledge, skill, abilities and previous experience, I could swiftly surpass your expectations as 'administrator'. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Flori Rothenberg



Job description duties:

- Checking emails for rental inquiries

- Prepare sales & letting brochures & matching out to potential buyers & tenants.

- Chasing id for properties going on the market & approval for the sales brochures.

- Checking applications for letting properties to ensure that all sections of the application form was completed & we had all the id required

- Inputting letting references onto systems & chasing the potential tenants for any additional information require.

- Ordering signs

- Inputting customer details & valuations onto preview system.

- Ensure window is always correct & in price order both sides.

- Ordering marketing leaflets when properties had sold.

- Uploading documents onto preview system for lettings.

- Arranging routine visits with tenants & uploading reports & photos onto the system.

- Ensuring on line diary matches office diary.

- Producing mail merges for tout letters & landlords letters.

- Preparing advert for newspaper

- Ensuring that website is showing correct properties with correct signage.

- Taking credit card & cash payments on system & banking cash.

- Chasing outstanding payments.

- Assisting with letting move in paperwork.

Type of Job Contract
Part Time
Education Degree
Total Career Experience
1 Year of Exp.
Marital Status
Driving License
Target Job
administrator II
Working Availability
2 Weeks
Expected Salary
Fields of Interest


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