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Facilities Manager Resume & Cover Letter

In this page you'll find resume (curriculum vitae / cv) sample and covering letter (also known as: job letter, application letter, or cv letter) for facilities manager job title.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Upon review of your posting for facilities manager at you organization, I was eager to send my resume for your review. As an enthusiastic expert with years of serving experience, I'm qualified to make an immediate and positive impact on your business in this position.

My work experience has qualified me to excel as your new facilities manager. My additional strengths in time management, team working, and problem solving, support me to thrive in this position.

Highlights of my career background & resume responsibilities for this job include:

- Develop, plan, organise, communicating stakeholders & director performance reports

- Project managing - prince 2 foundation & practitioner qualified professional, managing multisite construction projects.

- Applying analytic methodology measures (lean 6 sigma based reports e.g. minitab to improve quality & productivity) other systems used where, kaizen, kaban, ctq, voc, spc, sqc.

- Cdm 2015 coordinator qualified with multi-site management & contracts

- Checking/authorising pli, rams, methods statement, permits to work

- Self-regulated health & safety approach to auditing & monitoring strategy's bs en iso18001

- Target driven- kpi, sla, chaspi, p&l

- Competent in european union h&s policies & procedures affecting uk law & business law

- Risk management, dealing with all negligence complaint & civil compensation claims

- Knowledgeable in uk cooperation governance code / iod to assist directors

- Applying & formulating comah / hazop/ eta/fta procedures

- Competent in exponential forecasting & mrp techniques (materials requirement planning)

- Monitoring quality standards iso 9001 standard.

- In depth procurement , logistical management, security & risk management , health & safety management , technical & maintenance departments, contractors working on site (cdm qualified 2015)

- Confident in self-proprietary regulation in the strive for continuous improvement

- Committed, honest , trustworthy with strong leadership skills

- Acas management level training for hr issues

With my excellent knowledge, skill, abilities and previous experience, I could swiftly surpass your expectations as 'facilities manager'. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Flori Rothenberg



Job description duties:

- Responsibility for the campus which includes; main academy building, junior school, exams hall & 6th form centre & the whole campus site

- Manage a facilities budget of 160k & identify budget requirements

- Managing maintenance & repair works in the academy both planned preventative & a reactive maintenance programme

- Responsibility for kpis & tracking performance against these on a monthly basis. reporting performance levels to the director of business resources

- Project management of academy works where required & act in a client capacity for major projects

- Contract management which includes procurement, tendering procedures & sourcing the market for value for money

- Team leadership of reception, facilities, grounds & cleaning (45 staff approx.)

- Responsible for ensuring policy compliance of staff

- Undertake performance management with staff & staff development as needed

- Recruit staff when required within the fm team

Type of Job Contract
Part Time
Education Degree
Total Career Experience
9 Years of Exp.
Marital Status
Driving License
Target Job
facilities manager II
Working Availability
1 Week
Expected Salary
+3k than last job
Fields of Interest


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