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Network Engineer Resume & Cover Letter

In this page you'll find resume (curriculum vitae / cv) sample and covering letter (also known as: job letter, application letter, or cv letter) for network engineer job title.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Upon review of your posting for network engineer at you organization, I was eager to send my resume for your review. As an enthusiastic expert with years of serving experience, I'm qualified to make an immediate and positive impact on your business in this position.

My work experience has qualified me to excel as your new network engineer. My additional strengths in time management, team working, and problem solving, support me to thrive in this position.

Highlights of my career background & resume responsibilities for this job include:

- Responsible for analysing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining & repairing of network infrastructure & application components.

- Responsible for installation, administration, & testing of network servers, operating system software, hubs, routers, switches, cabling, & other related network components

- Performs a wide variety of evaluation, maintenance, installation & training tasks to ensure the computer network performance meets company & user satisfaction.

- Provides direction, information, & recommendations regarding network configurations & installations

- Implements & maintains local area & wide area networks including network servers, workstations, hubs, routers, firewalls, vpn concentrators & other peripheral devices.

- Monitor network devices on regular basis, identify & troubleshoot faults & errors & provide technical support & training to users with deferent levels of it knowledge.

- Prepare & maintain documentation related to network inventory & make sure that networks process enough capacity of manage network traffic in timely & effective manner.

- Design, setup & configure complex wireless networking that supports open or secured access & the ability to support voice & video applications

- Configuring & installing client & server network software for upgrading & maintainingnetwork & telecommunication systems.

- Provide technical support to major isp clients regarding technical issues.

- Troubleshoots problems with network & security infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, vpn, proxy servers & make corrective actions when necessary.

- Attends classes, seminars, conferences & reviews professional literature to enhance knowledge of trends & developments related to wide & local area network systems

With my excellent knowledge, skill, abilities and previous experience, I could swiftly surpass your expectations as 'network engineer'. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Flori Rothenberg



Job description duties:

- Design, implement & configure complex switching & routing network infrastructure.

- Plan & design lan, wan & voice networks.

- Design, implement & configure complex secured wireless network

- Maintain the ip connectivity between kgl branches & the head quarter.

- Integrate & configure various security appliances.

- Monitor the network performance with different tools like solarwinds & optimize it to improve user's experience.

- Document the current logical & physical network diagrams & existing configuration.

- Prepare design documents with diagrams for deployment & integration of new systems.

- Troubleshoot malfunctions of network hardware & software applications, voice network & security systems to resolve operational issues & restore services.

- Plan, design & set procedure to eliminate single points of failure to backbone networks & all mission critical components & services.

- Prepare rfp & evaluate solutions provided by multiple vendors as per statement of compliance.

- Communicate & negotiate the prices & models of hardware requirements with the suppliers.

- Responsible for cost analyses, design considerations, & implementation time-lines.

- Write up process & procedure to be followed by other department for any new or change request

Type of Job Contract
Full Time
Education Degree
Total Career Experience
9 Years of Exp.
Marital Status
Driving License
Target Job
network engineer II
Working Availability
1 Week
Expected Salary
+3k than last job
Fields of Interest
quality control


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