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Sales Assistant Resume & Cover Letter

In this page you'll find resume (curriculum vitae / cv) sample and covering letter (also known as: job letter, application letter, or cv letter) for sales assistant job title.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Upon review of your posting for sales assistant at you organization, I was eager to send my resume for your review. As an enthusiastic expert with years of serving experience, I'm qualified to make an immediate and positive impact on your business in this position.

My work experience has qualified me to excel as your new sales assistant. My additional strengths in time management, team working, and problem solving, support me to thrive in this position.

Highlights of my career background & resume responsibilities for this job include:

- Stocked & replenished merchandise according to store merchandising layouts.

- Cleaned & organized the store, including the checkout desk & displays.

- Alerted customers to upcoming sales events & promotions.

- Handled all customer relation issues in a gracious manner & in accordance with company policy.

- Completed all point of sale opening & closing procedures, including counting the contents of the cash register.

- Welcomed customers into the store & helped them locate items.

- Used time efficiently when not serving customers, including folding clothes & cleaning out fitting rooms.

- Accepted & processed returns & exchanges.

- Maintained adherence to all company protocols.

- Monitored entrances, exits & fitting rooms for signs of theft.

- Worked collaboratively in a team environment.

- Maintained knowledge of current sales & promotions, policies regarding payment & exchanges, & security practices.

- Contacted other store locations to determine merchandise availability.

With my excellent knowledge, skill, abilities and previous experience, I could swiftly surpass your expectations as 'sales assistant'. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Flori Rothenberg



Job description duties:

- Providing speed of service in a polite, efficient & friendly manner

- Demonstrating product knowledge

- Handling customer complaints/queries in a professional manner, always making eye contact & smiling

- Communicating & cooperating with team members in a caring & helpful manner to meet team brand audit achievements & initiatives

- Attending all control training courses as required

- Complying with health, hygiene & safety standards & demonstrating acceptable monthly performance targets

- Delivering quality of product to guarantee customer value for money

- Punctual & consistent attendance in compliance with weekly roster/schedule

- Maintaining good standards of personal hygiene, uniform & general appearance

- Promoting company's promotions to increase revenue & brand leadership & integrity

- Minimizing waste & maximizing weekly sales target s through suggestive selling techniques

- Following company cash & till handling policies & security procedures

Type of Job Contract
Part Time
Education Degree
Total Career Experience
8 Years of Exp.
Marital Status
Driving License
Target Job
sales assistant III
Working Availability
1 Week
Expected Salary
+1k than last job
Fields of Interest

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