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Giving feedback is an important skill for the coach. By means of feedback , coach and coached information exchange about each other's attitude and behavior . As a result, the coachee is able to critically examine his actions and adjust them if necessary.

Feedback is often confused with criticism . People feel attacked or experience the feedback as a sign of failure. That's too bad. Because anyone who sees feedback as an opportunity to learn is daily in a fascinating learning environment. Responses to our behavior are, after all, continually, verbally and non-verbally. The trick is to be open to it, to pick up the signals and to determine which feedback is useful for translating into actions.

Feedback promotes:

- Work results
- Work relations and work atmosphere
- Selfknowledge
- Knowledge of others
- Learning capacity

Feedback as an instrument to sharpen behavior and make it more effective

Both for the coach and for the coachee it is crucial that information about behavior is exchanged in such a way that the message comes across as intended. Whether that succeeds depends on how the feedback is given and received.

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