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Look at yourself. Do you know which sources you are opening to walk through your office motivated? Do you know what changes in your environment you lose your motivation? And how is that for your colleagues? Everyone is motivated by other circumstances. Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" seems to be such an easy model, but it is only a beginning. Each individual has different needs, which arise from other qualities and qualities.

Maslow hierarchy of needs

What motivates people on the work floor to work concentrated and with pleasure? Is that a bonus, extra holiday, a more expensive lease car? No. Such a kind of direct exchange is just counterproductive! Difficultly enough, it is all much more subtle. It is inevitable that you really get to know your colleagues or 'subordinates' and yourself, in order to understand what motivates. Fortunately, there is a strong model from 1934 that still explains our behavior: Maslow hierarchy.

Appreciation and self-development as motivation sources

In the needs pyramid of Maslow we find the need for appreciation on the fourth step and the need for development on the fifth. Both needs get content through your core qualities. You want to be appreciated for the qualities you are proud of and you want to develop those qualities so that you can fully benefit from them. Much of the behavior of people at work can be explained by this drive. If you want to strengthen someone's motivation, then you will have to know his qualities and his pitfalls. The core quadrant theory of Ofman helps you to see the connection between motivation and qualities.

(The) Motivational goals

People have the need to work goal-oriented. We need a goal that we can imagine and that appeals to us. The goal must give us an incentive to take action. So, if you notice that you are literally 'meaningless', then look for the goal. If a colleague's performance falls, then discuss the goal. What are we doing now? When is a goal motivating? On this page you can read a fairytale about motivational goals.

How does your personality type determine your motivation?

What you need to be motivated is determined by your qualities and by your personality type. To determine your type, the Myers-Briggs-Type Indicator instrument is very useful. For example, there is a big difference in motivation between extraverted types and introverted types. They need different tasks and a different environment to work fine.

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