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Steering committee

If the project has customers from several business units, they sometimes opt for a steering committee. Such a steering committee consists of heads of these different parts of the company. The client is chairman of the steering committee. The steering committee discusses the most important steps within the project and advises the client. He remains the decision-maker.

A steering group can be very useful. For example, the Sales department can attach a great deal of value to a relationship management program that mainly provides insight into the history of the customer at the company. The Logistics department is particularly interested in a program that shows how much stock the customer still owns. If those two requirements are in conflict, that fight can be fought nicely in the steering committee. And when they are done they report it.

You probably already notice that there is a big, big disadvantage: a steering committee takes time. If 'time' is the limiting factor, you usually do not have that much to a steering committee. But if the big challenge is to create support for your product, a steering group can be useful.

One more objection: the quality of the steering group also depends on the quality of the chairman. They can't settle for easy compromises such as: 'It just has to be both'.

Sounding board group

A sounding board group can also be useful. Such a group consists of potential users of the product to be developed. You ask such a sounding board group, for example, to review the first version of the new catalog. The sounding board group certainly does not decide but only advises.

Incidentally, it also applies that a sounding board group is very useful if you are creating something new and need supporters for the implementation.

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