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You are going to lead projects!

Career tiger offers a nice overview of what you as a project manager should and should be able to do . Is a project manager a sheep with five legs? No: the project leader is primarily a team leader. Not the project manager does the job but the entire team. A project leader who knows a lot about a professional part of the project runs the risk that he is going to do the work and that he is running over his colleagues in the team.

In your performance, you as a project leader are gentle on the relationship and hard on the content. Be clear what you want, be clear about what is needed and be clear about what you have agreed with each other. And sometimes you have to be hard at that. Not always fun, but important. At the same time, a good project manager ensures the team. Precisely because you have to do the sums.

How do you become a good project leader?

Ajax developed TIPS: a system for training youth players. This system is based on four parts: "Technology, Insight, Personality and Speed." What applies to the Ajax youth also applies to a project leader-in-training.
Technology Dive into some professional literature and ensure that you have a project management system in your fingers.
Insight Talk to people about your work, read about larger and smaller projects in the newspapers and magazines and wonder how you would have dealt with it, follow some courses,
Personality Find a coach! You can learn a lot from a good, professional coach. Projects appeal to you as a person. How solid are you, can you get angry, can you afford to cooperate with someone you do not like, can you take care of people? A coach can help you to uncover undiscovered talents from your personality.
Speed An experienced project manager does a lot of things on his feeling. He can 'catch the moment'. He knows from experience what is important in what situation and what is not. That speed of action comes with the years. Speed ​​is primarily a question of self-confidence . And that comes with experience.

So get started! Good luck with your project.

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