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Dealing with adversity

On the site Peter and Marja promise that the campsite has a beautiful swimming pool. They worked very hard with a contractor and some friends for four months to have the campsite ready at the opening in May. When Marja hears that the materials can't be delivered on time, she goes almost through the ribbon. Her anger focuses on Peter: he insisted that the swimming pool be included on the site and in the leaflet. She had warned so! The project group members present are somewhat uncomfortable. A marital quarrel is not a party to experience and Marja does not make a murder pit of her heart.

No matter how good your planning is and how tight you are as a project leader: it sometimes goes wrong. That can be quite dramatic: projects are by definition important. But it is also characteristic of a project that success is not guaranteed. Sometimes it is really over and closing: the failed flight of the Apollo 13 could no longer be made good. Sometimes you can still fit a sleeve. Peter and Marja decide to organize a free bus taxi for the first two months to the lake that lies at four kilometers from the village. A gutter success, even when the pool is ready! Many campers use the van to go to the village. Moreover, the lake also has a canoe rental and a surf school.

If things go wrong, it is important to go back to your original problem. What did you want to solve? Peter and Marja wanted to realize a professional camping and wanted to live up to what they had promised. The use of the van was a reasonable alternative for almost all guests. If you are teamed up as a team you can also improvise better in emergencies. You know what you have together.

You must, however, review the joint vision on the final result. Take some time to take a step back with each other and formulate a new vision. What is ready when finished? "OK, that pool does not arrive on time. We are going to use a van. How do we see that for us? Where is the stop? Do the guests have a pass? What do we do with the wet bathing gear? "And if it has suddenly started to rain, can the guests take shelter? Such a revision of the result takes some time, but it helps the team to get a new goal in mind. That is good for the mutual coordination during the work but it is also good for the trust and enthusiasm: when you see it in front of you, it gives new energy. And you can use that well!

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