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What do you learn about yourself from project-based work?

A project does have some of a pressure cooker. The limiting factors of time, money and quality result in high pressure. It is not for nothing that the pressure is considerably increased in an assessment . It is assumed that you then really show something of yourself. It is precisely in a project that you can learn a lot about yourself. Use that when you think about your own functioning. Take a look again at the roles that mainly played, ask your colleagues within the team for some feedback after the project . It does not have to be that heavy. That is also best under the farewell drink.

If you are smart, include something about the project in your portfolio . Then also look at the cooperation on the basis of the double core quadrants or on the basis of the enneagram . What do you learn about yourself? Are you satisfied with your own role? did you put enough of yourself in the project? Was you listening to you? What are you going to do differently in a next project?

Looking for a next project

Project-based work is exciting and often addictive. If you enjoyed it, you would do well to take your career into your own hands. Do not wait until another project comes along. Talk to your supervisor and tell about your ambitions, ask for opportunities, use your network within the company to also let managers outside your own department know that you are 'in' for this type of assignment. Good luck!

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