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In the previous chapters, the importance of communication for project-based work has already been mentioned several times. You want to achieve a certain result with the project and you want your results to contribute to the organization goal. The quality of your result is, of course, decisive. If you make a management information system that does not work properly, it does not contribute to realizing the organization goal. But it happens with some regularity that the result sounds like a clock. As a project group you developed an excellent system that is really an asset to the company. But yes, you did not involve Financial Affairs and you also did business with the competitor of the most important software supplier. That new system is now on all computers but nobody uses it.

Support for your product is important for every project. Sometimes there is no need for separate communication. But often it is useful to pay attention to communication separately in your project design.

A few tips for project communication:

- Name your target groups and communication objectives
- Check whether these objectives can actually be realized with the help of communication;
- Formulate your message as simply as possible and in one sentence. A handy trick for that is to answer the question: what does the target group tell you about your project while eating?
- Choose a strategy: is public support important? Then talk to your target group. Does it matter that the instrument that you developed is being used and does the product sell itself? Then make a nice advertising campaign. List the product benefits and tell the users how they can take maximum advantage of your work.
- Provide an appealing project name. The name should preferably be a little pleasant to listen to and say something about the result.
- Choose resources that fit that strategy and that also support the message. If the message reads: "From now on we will work very differently here", you should not use the existing media. No, you choose something completely different, something that you have not seen before in your company.
- Plan your communication carefully. Precisely because a project is often loosely attached, it can happen that the staff magazine devotes a great article to the advantages of the old method X while you have set up a stand at the canteen where you explain the advantages of the new method Y. So consult with your colleagues in good time.
- Amounts communication well. Who wants to be taken seriously has to make something beautiful. And that costs money. Printed matter is expensive, a nice banner is expensive, a number of work meetings enlivened with a customized theater production is expensive.

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