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What is a good project leader?

What do you think of this description? "A good project manager is focused on just one goal: his project result. He is a fast boy who shows vigor, makes decisions quickly and easily and only gives account to his client. If he drops a stitch occasionally, he can live with it. "

Or do you feel more at home with this description? "A good project leader is a team player . He takes care of his team, protects his team from outside attacks, sharpens the team and arranges the necessary project resources and facilities. Conflicts within the team are opportunities for him to make it a better team! "

Or is it better? "A good project manager is a builder of bridges. He connects developments within the organization with the objectives of the project. He has his network in perfect order and makes threats possible. He takes into account the support of his project staff. "

You understand: they all do not match or all three are correct. What is a good project leader depends on the assignment and on the situation.

The doer is specially in his place in urgent projects: a new version of the program has to be developed within four months, otherwise the canvas will fall.
The team player is particularly appropriate in projects that require a little more lead time. Projects in which the team must develop a completely new product in peace.
The bridge builder does specially well in organizational development projects. He leads a customer-focus project or is responsible for the 'Safety for everything!' Project.

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