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Definition of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (often shortened to HRM ) literally means "management of human means of production". It is a term that is widely used as a synonym for "personnel policy", "strategic personnel management" or "personnel affairs". Human Resource Management is often seen as a specific interpretation of the personnel policy.

Principles of HRM

The following starting points exist within Human Resource Management:
- People within organizations are not a cost item, but are seen as assets. The better use of human potential ensures better performance of the organization.
- Different personnel instruments must be coordinated and applied in an integrated manner. Think of recruitment & selection, drawing up job profiles, personnel planning and training staff.
- Organizational strategy and personnel policy influence each other and are connected to each other
- There is a long-term vision in the field of personnel policy
- Ensure that there is a good workforce that helps to achieve the goals of the organization now and in the future

Training course you need for mastering HRM

Some courses you have to get in order to become professional and expert HR such as:
- E Learning And Human Resource Development Course
- HR Analytics And Data Management Course
- HR Analytics And Data Visualization Course
- HR Management And Leadership Course
- Leadership In Transitions Course
- Personal Development Course
- Personal Effectiveness Course
- Strategic Change Management Course
- Strategic Human Resource Management And Leadership Course
- Tactical Change Management Course
- Talent Management And HR Development Course
- Time Management Course
- Writing An Action Plan Course

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