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Who is an "administrative assistant" employee?

In General, an administrative employee (such as assistant, coordinator, specialist, administrator, executive, secretary, office manager) is someone who performs office work and other support work in a secretarial or finance-administrative environment. The function of administrative employee is divided into three subfunctions:

Secretarial employee / secretary: the emphasis is on drafting, elaborating and dealing with written and oral communication and correspondence.
Receptionist / operator: the emphasis is on receiving visitors and goods and processing telephone traffic.
Business administrative assistant: the emphasis is on matters such as archiving, debtor management and processing of the forms flow (all in a business environment).

The term administrative assistant is in fact a collective term for these three subfunctions. The tasks that an administrative employee performs exactly depends on the organization in which it operates. One employer makes a strict distinction between, for example, secretaries and receptionists, while another in both cases speaks of an administrative assistant.

In addition, there are administrative employees who combine their administrative duties with, for example, sales activities (they are called commercial administrative employees) or specific financial activities (financial administrative employees). They really fall outside the description on this page, which relates to the general function of administrative employee.

Job description - duties of administrative assistant

An administrative employee generally deals with the following matters:
Conducting secretarial and reception work, for example:
- Managing the agenda (recording appointments and reservations)
- Taking care of telephone correspondence
- Sort and distribute incoming mail
- Make, frank and send outgoing mail
- Handling the receipt of goods
- Receiving and registering visitors

Performing supporting (financial) administrative work, for example:
- Entering administrative data into automated systems
- Keep track of the debtor and / or creditor administration
- Completing and processing forms about, for example, sick reports, declarations and orders
- Checking and organizing booking documents (such as invoices, bank statements, etc.)

Where administrative employees work?

The work field of administrative staff is very broad. Every organization (regardless of size, branch of industry or objective) has an administration and can employ administrative staff. With which colleagues an administrative employee is faced, therefore, strongly depends on the specific working environment: it varies from HR managers and accounting staff to employees creditors administration and commercial staff internal staff.

How to become an administrative assistant?

In order to be able to work as an administrative assistant, you usually need an MBO diploma. Examples of relevant courses are:

- Administrative assistant (MBO 2)
- Business administrative employee (MBO 2)
- Financial administrative employee (MBO 3)
- Front office (MBO 3)
- Secretary (MBO 3)

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