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Who is a "branch manager" employee?

A branch manager (sometimes also referred to as the general manager) is the highest responsible person within a (certain branch of) a store that, usually in cooperation with an assistant branch manager or assistant store manager, provides the day-to-day management of the store.

Job description - duties of branch manager

Branch managers usually have the following tasks:
- Managing and assessing the team of sales staff and (shop) employees
- Management of inventory and purchasing policy
- Verification of compliance with guidelines in the field of work processes and the representativeness and service orientation of employees
- Run on the work floor if necessary
- Optimize the sales results
- Reporting and advice to senior management
- Improve / maintain the efficiency of work processes
- Take care of the administration, planning and schedules
- Ensuring a successful presentation and layout of the store
- Depending on the type of store, the work may vary and there may be additional tasks.

Where branch managers work?

All supermarkets and retail stores have a branch manager: think of drugstores, bookshops, music stores and sports shops. Events such as sandwich shops, coffee chains and fast food restaurants also have a branch manager. Colleagues with whom branch managers work together are, for example, cashiers , salesmen , sales advisors and employees.

How to become a branch manager?

In order to be able to work as a branch manager, you can follow the MBO course Retail Trade or Business Retailer, both at level 4. At the HBO level you can opt for the Small Business & Retail Management program. In many cases branch managers started as a store employee or salesperson and from there grew through work experience and (additional) education.

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