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Who is a "data entry" employee?

A data entry employee (also called an administrative employee data entry) is someone who deals with administrative tasks such as entering and checking data. They often work with business software systems such as SAP, or with programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Job description - duties of data entry

In general, data entry employees have the following tasks:
- Entering, processing and checking data (for example in an SAP system)
- Process and document mutations in the system
- Drafting overviews, reports and lists (eg order lists and price overviews)
- Taking care of the communication between customers, suppliers, logistics centers etc. (for example regarding the delivery of products)
- Ensuring a correct and timely handling of (customer) requests
- Handling inbound telephone and e-mail traffic
- Identifying, remedying and / or reporting (administrative) bottlenecks

Where data entry employees work?

As a data entry employee you can work with the most diverse organizations, from government organizations to commercial institutions. In every conceivable working environment it can be important that large amounts of data are processed and processed correctly. Employees with whom a data entry employee has to deal are, for example, purchasers , salesmen , telephonists, logistics staff , data analysts, employees debtors administration, employees creditors administration , payroll administrators and office managers .

How to become a data entry employee?

In order to be able to work as a data entry employee, you usually need at least an MBO course in the field of administration. Examples of suitable mno courses are:
- Administrative assistant (level 2)
- Business administrative employee (level 2)
- Financial administrative employee (level 3)
- Front office (level 3)

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