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Who is a "management assistant" employee?

A management assistant is someone who supports (assists) management (managers) with coordinating, administrative and secretarial activities. The work of a management assistant overlap with that of a management secretary or office manager and is sometimes the same. Normally a management secretary has more responsibilities.

How your work day as a management assistant looks exactly, can vary greatly per company or organization and depends on the wishes of the management. The management can consist of one or more persons.

Job description - duties of management assistant

A management assistant removes the management of an organization from work. It is a broad function, with very different tasks. From more administrative work to practical matters such as preparing lunches. Management assistants often act as contact for questions and are aware of (sometimes confidential) matters that are discussed in management. They are in contact with different departments within the company.

The work of a management assistant may include:
- Keeping agenda
- Scheduling appointments and meetings
- Taking calls
- Providing communication from the management
- Preparing meetings
- Archiving important documents
- Receiving visitors
- Organizing meetings
- Perform administrative tasks
- Retrieve and streamline information from different departments within a company
- Arrange facility tasks, for example the purchase of office supplies

Where management assistant works?

Management assistants are very versatile and can work in almost all types of organizations and companies. For example in business, government or in hospitals. You carry out a lot of your work as a management assistant independently. Obviously you have a lot of consultation with the management. How many people that are and who exactly is in management varies by company or organization.

Which competencies do you need for being a management assistant?

As a management assistant, it is useful if you have the following in-house:
- Flexible attitude
- Organizational and improvisational talent
- Communication skills (written and oral)
- You are careful and honest
- You can deal well with people
- You switch quickly and easily from one task to another

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