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Who is an "office manager" employee?

An office manager is someone who is responsible for (organizational and secretarial matters at an office). The function is somewhat similar to that of secretary , but the work differs.

Job description - duties of office manager

Office managers perform administrative and organizational work to make things run smoothly and efficiently at the office. In each organization, the job is slightly different, but in general the tasks look something like this:
- Handling incoming and outgoing communication (telephone, e-mail, mail, fax)
- Managing the agenda
- Providing facility support (for example managing inventory and taking care of the orderliness of the office)
- Schedule, prepare and take minutes of discussions and meetings
- Working out memos, letters, reports and reports
- Act as a point of contact, both internally and externally
- Managing the archive and contracts
- Drafting invoices
- Processing personnel mutations
- Possibly managing secretary (s)

Where office managers work?

Office managers work in offices of the most diverse organizations, from commercial companies to cultural institutions and from government departments to ICT companies. During their work, for example, they deal with directors, secretaries , administrative staff , receptionists and all kinds of other people who perform office functions.

How to become an office manager?

In order to become an office manager, you can take the Office Management course, which is generally offered as a shortened HBO study program of one or two years (a two-year HBO study is also known as an associate degree (Ad)). During this training the following subjects will be discussed:
- Language
- Economy
- Business administration
- Business and organization
- Personnel and facility management
- Informatics and communication

You can follow an associate degree in Office Management at Schoevers, a renowned institute in the field of secretarial training.

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