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Who is a "pastry chef" employee?

A pastry chef (called also as patissier, patissiere, chef, baker, pastrycook) is someone who deals with the creation, production and sale of banquet products, such as pastry, chocolate and cake. The function of pastry chef is very similar to that of pastry chef, although in practice the latter is used more for patisserie specialists in a somewhat more exclusive segment. pastry chefs are not always limited to sweets and can also sell products on a bread basis.

Job description - duties of pastry chef

A pastry chef generally deals with the following matters:
- Drafting a production plan (in consultation with manager), taking into account the processing time of (intermediate) products (for example the time needed for baking, cooling or stiffening)
- Preparing the preparation work: preparing and / or checking recipe, setting up equipment and collecting raw materials
- Preparation and processing of batter, dough, filling, garnishing and complete banquet products (manually and with the aid of equipment)
- Decorating and finishing banquet products: filling, spraying, glazing, garnishing and decorating with, for example, sugar, chocolate and cream
- Identifying deviations and errors in the production process in the field of formulation, hygiene and safety, in accordance with safety regulations and legal standards such as the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
- Packaging, labeling, cooling, freezing and / or presenting (intermediate) products
- Cleaning up and cleaning of workspaces and machines (and keeping checklists for cleaning and hygiene)

Where the pastry chef works?

Patisseries, hot bakers, restaurants, lunchrooms or hotels. Colleagues with whom they are faced include patissiers, (all-round) bakers, apprentice bakers and employee service .

How to become a pastry chef?

To become a pastry chef, you can take one of the following MBO courses:
- Bread and pastry chef (level 2)
- pastry chef (level 2)
- All-round pastry chef (level 3)
- All-round bread and pastry chef (level 3)

Possibly you can continue as a pastry chef, for example through one of the following courses:
- Leading craft bakery (level 4)
- Patissier (level 4)

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