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Who is a "payroll administrator" employee?

A payroll administrator (also called salary admin) is someone who administrate the employees payment process of salaries and wages. Within an organization, the payroll administration is either part of the financial administration or the human resources department (HRM).

Job description - duties of payroll administrator

The tasks of payroll administrators are generally the following:
- Keep track of the diaries (purchase, sales, bank and cash book)
- Taking care of the debtor and creditor management:
- Drafting and checking invoices
- Enter and change master data
- Monitor payment terms and ensure timely recovery
- Check and approve purchase invoices
- Keep track of quantity registrations:
- Keep track of and monitor project administration and time administration
- Checking declaration forms (including travel expenses)
- Managing the greenhouse

Managing the payroll services, by:

- Collecting and mutating master data for the payroll administration (for example processing new employees, retraining and changed part-time percentages)
- Preparing the payment of wages, taxes and payments
- Take care of the preparation for the wage declaration
- Act as a point of contact in the area of ​​payroll administration in relation to the staff (for example, questions about the salary slip, the pension or expense allowances)

Where payroll administrators work?

Salary administrators work on the financial administration or HR department of an organization. Both companies, cultural organizations and government and health care institutions employ payroll administrators. During their work, payroll administrators deal with, among other things, financial administrative staff, HR assistants , HR advisors , business administrators, accountants , assistant accountants and controllers.

How to become a salary administrator?

The Salary Administrator training course is an MBO level 4 program. Depending on the educational institution, it takes your work experience and your previous education, 2.5 to 4 years.
Possibly you can follow courses and courses, such as:
- Practice diploma Payroll administration (PDL)
- Payroll administration Update
- Vocational training Payroll Services (VPS)

These additional courses are offered by various private institutions and are generally followed by a job.

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