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Who is a "receptionist" employee?

A receptionist is someone who receives people at the reception or desk of an institution or company. For visitors to a building, the receptionist is the first person they meet, which is why it is seen as the calling card of an organization.

In some cases, the function of a receptionist coincides with that of a clerk or telephone operator (e), but there are also organizations where the interpretation of these functions differs. Differences with the role of counter clerk include that the latter does not have to work at the reception of an organization and often has more substantive tasks than the receptionist (who is primarily focused on reception). A telephone operator is also not tied to a desk and can work behind the scenes.

Job description - duties of receptionist

Receptionists generally deal with the following issues:
- Receive and refer visitors
- Possibly note data from visitors
- Possibly handing out and taking visitor passes
- Answering and transferring incoming telephone traffic
- Process and distribute incoming and outgoing mail
- Dealing with questions and complaints (and if necessary referring to the right people)
- Plan and note appointments and reservations
- Reserving and preparing rooms, rooms and / or (meeting) rooms
- Organize and maintain the desk or reception area
- Signaling and reporting suspicious circumstances or behavior in / around the building
- Adequate action in the event of emergencies (including activation of emergency procedures and informing emergency services)
- Possibly managing office supplies and other materials within the building
- Shut down the building and / or transfer the responsibility to security staff
- Possibly provide support in the field of administrative actions (for example copying and printing)

Where receptionists work?

Receptionists work at the reception of, for example, office buildings, government institutions, holiday parks, hotels or care institutions. People with whom they come into contact during their work include security officers , cleaners , facility managers , office managers , night porters , couriers , drivers , and hostesses or hosts in a hotel.

How to become a receptionist?

The following MBO courses are a good preparation for the profession of receptionist:
- Telephonist / Receptionist (level 2)
- Secretarial employee (level 2)
- Receptionist / Front-office employee (level 3)
- Front office manager (level 4)
- Stewardess Receptionist Hostess (SRH) (level 4)

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