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Who is a "salesman" employee?

A Salesman (salesperson/seller) is someone who, in the name of a store or company, sells products or services to a person or organization. Examples of vendors are physical sellers such as store employees and market vendors, but vendors also work in the business world (often referred to as sales employees or commercial employees).

Job description - duties of seller

Salesmen are engaged in the sale of products or services, from actual sales in a store to the movement of a party to work with this supplier. The precise activities of sales people are very dependent on the working environment.
For example, merchants in stores have the following tasks:
- Advising customers on the purchase of products
- Checkout of products at the checkout
- Take care of a neat presentation of the products
- Perform administrative tasks related to the stock
- Report to a branch manager or company manager

Within companies and other organizations, sales staff often have different tasks, depending on the type of employee: office staff or field staff; pre-sales, sales or after-sales.

The activities of an internal sales representative usually include:
- Organizing meetings between customers and field sales representatives
- Preparing offers and quotations
- Drafting of contracts and SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
- Conducting order management: taking orders and processing
- Drafting and possibly correcting invoices
- Report to management regarding sales figures and targets
- Advising on products and services and handling any complaints
- Handling of administrative tasks and correspondence

Sales representatives are specifically responsible for:
- Actively recruiting new customers (acquisition)
- Maintaining contacts with existing customers
- Identifying and responding to commercial opportunities
- Negotiate offers and other agreements
- Discuss sales targets and sales figures with colleagues and / or managers

This strict separation between the tasks of the internal and external service is a theoretical one. Not every company has a separate internal and external service and apart from that, it often happens that sales people combine the work, or are specialized in a particular part. Larger organizations often have separate departments pre-sales and after-sales.

Where do sellers work?

Where sellers work depends heavily on the question of what kind of seller it is.

Retailers in the most classic sense of the word are employed in the retail sector and mainly deal with store employees and branch managers .

In business, a distinction is made between in-house sales representatives (also called sales executives) and field sales representatives. In the office you keep busy, mostly in the office, for example maintaining telephone contact with customers and suppliers and with the more administrative aspects of sales. Sales representatives are mainly engaged in visiting customers and suppliers; they hold the role of a representative more. The profession of salesman in the field has similarities with that of the account manager .

How to become a salesman?

In order to work as a salesperson in a store, the most relevant training is that of the Vendor Retailer on the MBO. For a sales function at a company there is no specific training, but many sales employees have followed one of the following courses:
- Commercial Economics (HBO / WO)
- Business Administration (HBO / WO)
- International Business (hbo / wo)
- Marketing and Sales (hbo)
- Small Busines and Retail Management (hbo)
- Commercial Employee (MBO)
- Marketing employee (mbo)

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