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Who is a "secretary" employee?

A secretary (male: clerical assistant ) is someone who deals with secretarial work in an office or practice. A management secretary specifically supports the management of an organization. The position of office manager has similarities with that of secretary, but has a different meaning. The terms are often used interchangeably in practice.

Job description - duties of secretary

Secretaries carry out support tasks for a management, manager, department or entire organization. Which tasks they perform and which responsibilities they have, depends very much on the organization for which they work. In one organization they only provide strictly secretarial matters, where they sometimes have many personnel and facility responsibilities elsewhere. The following items may belong to the activities:
- Managing the agenda
- Receiving a visit
- Reply to e-mails
- Handling inbound and outbound telephone traffic
- Processing incoming mail
- Providing facility support
- Planning, preparing and taking minutes of meetings
- Preparing and working out declarations
- Working out reports, letters and memos
- Managing the archive

Where secretaries work?

Where you will work as a secretary depends on the direction you choose during your training. In addition to the general direction of (executive) secretary, there is also the medical or legal side. The first group will mainly work for a company or government institution and within it for the management, the Board of Directors or a specific department. Medical secretaries come naturally to hospitals and other healthcare institutions, while legal secretaries work at law firms, notary offices, courts or legal departments.

How to become a secretary?

To become a secretary, you can follow the secondary vocational education secretary. This is a full-time education at level 3, which you can follow at various MBOs in the Netherlands. An institute that is very well known for its secretarial training is Schoevers, which has offices in Amsterdam, Arnhem, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht.
Other qualifying courses are:
- Executive secretary / Management assistant (MBO 4)
- Office management (hbo)

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