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What is the definition of (visual merchandising)?

Visual merchandising encompasses all activities that are aimed at presenting the assortment to the customer as attractive as possible. An important element of visual merchandising is the creation of a shop window with 'stopping power', which ensures that people do not pass by, but enter the store. In addition, subjects such as the retail atmosphere, layout of the shelves and routing (the way a customer travels in the store) are also part of the focus of a visual merchandiser. The main goals of visual merchandising are to attract customers, stimulate sales and develop a certain image.

Who is a "visual merchandiser" employee?

A visual merchandiser or (window dresser) is someone who furnishs shop windows and shop displays and who is also responsible for the overall presentation of the store. Specially in the fashion world the term 'visual merchandiser' is customary. Showering in the strictest sense (decorating a shop window) is in fact a part of visual merchandising, but in reality the terms are mixed and showcases are not exclusively concerned with the shop window.

Job description - duties of visual merchandiser

Visual merchandisers generally deal with the following tasks:
- Designing the shop windows, showrooms, displays and presentation tables in shops
- Monitor the (visual) image of the store (chain)
- Conducting consultations with, among others, store managers and salesmen
- Act as a point of contact when it comes to presentation, shop windows and displays
- To make suggestions about points for improvement in the field of presentation
- Think about new concepts and new presentations
- Contribute to the opening of new stores
- Studying trends and tracking developments
- Possibly provide presentations and training to sales staff

Where visual merchandisers work?

Visual merchandisers often work for large retail chains or independent consultancies in the field of visual merchandising. There are also many freelance window dressers and visual merchandisers. As a window dresser for example, you come into contact with store managers , store managers, vendors , commercial staff, sales consultants , designers and interior designers .

How to become a visual merchandiser?

Someone who wants to work in visual merchandising can take one of the following courses:
- Spatial Presentation and Communication (MBO)
- Employee Product presentation (mbo)
- Fashion & Branding (hbo)
- Fashion & Marketing (hbo)
- In addition to these MBO and HBO programs, the necessary courses and training courses are also offered in the field of shop display and visual merchandising, often focusing on, for example, the retail trade or the fashion world.

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