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Job Code: Finance/8378

... maintaining financial services in order to meet legislative requirements and support municipal operations. will need to develop a detailed knowledge of financial procedures particular to a company and keep accurate records of any transactions made by cash or credit card he is expected to work independently, prioritizing tasks wherever necessary. has to be an auc graduate majoring finance...

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Job Code: Finance/7268

... we need people from both gender to work in the borsa....

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Job Code: Finance/6584

... we are searching for executive level candidates in egypt for a large financial institution....

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Job Code: Finance/5793

... the expert should provide consulting services in the area of finance to a group of companies operating in the it sector as follows: participate in the development of the business upgrading plan of each company assigned to him/her; prepare the detailed implementation plan/processes of the areas of specialization; develop and execute the day to day work plans for each company; work closely with the assigned company s engagement team; report to the engagement manager the progress of the bup implementation per each company; follow up and monitor the implementation of the activities assigned for each company in the area of finance management consultant with at least 10 years experience strong background in the it/ites se...

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