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Job Code# 9284

... to motivate and give direction to a small team developing and maintaining quality based production, whilst monitoring individual, team and machine performance. supervising all aspects of print production and providing additional resource whenever necessary. checking the accuracy of product specification. checking the suitability and quality of materials and all print operations during the production process through to the final quality check and dispatch. supervising origination of artwork and digital images, timely production of printing plates, the running of presses, binding and finishing machines, and final dispatch, often taking immediate decisions in problem solving. allocating work to, and overseeing the work of the production t...

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Job Code# 8654

... the production engineer will provide high quality production engineering work in order to analyse and optimise production. the position focuses on production and injection well performance analysis, diagnosis of potential problems, and the design of remedial and intervention programmes. the position is predominately onshore based, but will require offshore work on a routine bases. will also be required to monitor and predict well behaviour, and conduct well and network flow simulation work to optimize production and revenue from new and existing wells. a knowledge of prosper, mbal, gap, ofm, and pi or similar software is required. ensure well testing and production allocation is carried out frequently and accurately. write and/or provide i...

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Job Code# 8399

... will manage the planning for production, sales, stocks, production and retail business. we need someone with 10 years' experience....

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Job Code# 6332

... the applicant should have the capability of rapid generation of design concepts, and design modifications, 3d models are created using powershape & artcam software and reverse engineering devices. designs accuracy must be reached regardless of complexity....

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Job Code# 5901

... project based job opportunity. lean projects on standartization, layout design, processflow analysis, waste elimination. applicants must be highly skilled in industrial engineering and lean applications. english is essential. ...

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Job Code# 5423

... monitors and takes action on suppliers logistics performance regarding capacities, delivery performance, lead time, order fulfilment and delays identify, implement and maintain the best logistical offer from the supplier support the suppliers with relevant information, training, working methods and help them develop to the required performance levels actively involves in matters of replenishment solutions, lead times, transport and logistics cost optimization ensure efficient communication flow between supplier with global planning team assure that systems are updated with correct parameters (information)...

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Job Code# 5246

... day to day management of key plant functions : production, safety, maintenance, quality control, logistics , customer service, plant improvement projects , training to achieve monthly productivity targets , cost targets, safety targets and programmes in line with the overall business plan of ccm to proactively train and develop plant personnel utilising both internal and external sources to improve general level of competence throughout the plant to proactively manage , with management guidance and direct support as appropriate, all key external relationships with local authorities , neighbors etc to improve the general local situation to implement several key business processes eg sales and operational planning , at the plant in ...

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Job Code# 5176

... 1 4 to 6 years experience , perfect english , lead and supervision the work team. 2 flow the production plan. 3 daily production report....

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Job Code# 5036

... 1 monitoring the production plan vs the actual situation. 2 initiating monthly and daily work orders . 3 investigating problems facing the assembly process and finding appropriate solutions to them . 4 acting upon personnel problems that affect the assembly process. 5 following up with the planning ,purchasing and manufacturing departments,upon shortages. 6 reporting quality problems to quality and manufacturing department . 7 reporting machinery problems to maintenance department. 8 ensuring and applying lean manufacturing and iso quality standards . 9 creating contingency plans for machinery ,labor breakdown or gaps. 10 following up on invoicing purchase orders. 11 conducting regular meeting with supervisors and team...

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Job Code# 5035

... 1 receiving the daily production plan from the production manager in collaboration with the planning department . 2 allocating the work load (word order among different shift leaders. 3 conducting production line visits to follow up on the production process and provide advices if required . 4 analyzing reports daily reports received from shift leader to spot any deficiencies or malfunctioning 5 setting action plans for future or current projects highlighting resources ,tools ,time frame . 6 updating daily the machine program setting and coordinating with qc department concerning final product quality and complying with hse regulations. 7 feeding overall equipment efficiency sheet in order to evaluate the production of labors an...

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