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Job Code: Chemistry/7664

... experience in production of dairy detergents and disinfectants and poultry detergents and disinfectants...

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Job Code: Chemistry/6153

... we are looking for a chmist in spong fuctory with 3 years experiance...

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Job Code: Chemistry/5220

... handling the job orders translating all the emails and any documents from arabic to english or from english to arabic. giving daily report to the company abroad by all the updates. preparing and sending correspondence perfect english is a must and computer skills (language schools is a must) ...

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Job Code: Chemistry/4669

... plan, control and direct activities of sales and marketing programs to achieve maximum sales volume , profit margin and to develop maximum potential sales for the company s products. manage major contracts and target new accounts and explore business opportunities to achieve sales targets. recommend, get approval and implement innovative and cost effective sales program. maintain and constantly to improve the company s competitive position, evaluate sales records to assess market potential and develop annual and longer term marketing plans and strategies. manage and co ordinates all aspects of the company s promotional program (advertising, media, communication etc.) so as to enhance the company s position in the market....

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Job Code: Chemistry/2419

... 1 quality management lab rearrange lab (modular / accessible / functional / flexible) qc lab for printing backing tufting (test r/m finished product) review lab layout with supplies. specification tests capacity. specifications machines identify suppliers. follow up with purchasing on best machine offers. prepare budget for the lab. setting plans & follows up implementation. train staff, supervise operations, and prepare manuals. get accreditation. 2 samples lab train staff, supervise operations, and prepare manuals. preplan shop floor (lay out) responsible for the general improvement development projects....

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Job Code: Chemistry/1711

... water treatment chemists (chemical engineering, chemistry) have about 5 years experience at least in water treatment in pharmaceutical companies. knows well how to deal with stilmas brand. qualifications : university graduate (engineering or science chemistry ) excellent english ...

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