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Job Code# 23760

... hse engineer needed in osman group job information: location: cairo / giza job code: shse og ws job type: full time gender: male (is a must) education: b. sc. of (engineering) experience: (2 min.) to (4 max.) years of relevant experience in manufacturing environment (is a must) summary description: plan, implement, and coordinate safety programs, requiring application of engineering principles and technology, to prevent or correct unsafe environmental working conditions. job duties & tasks: maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes. inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and to ensure safety regulation compli...

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Job Code# 9182

... 1. acting as the main technical adviser on a construction site for subcontractors, crafts people and operation 2. checking plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations ensuring that all materials used and work performed are as per specifications. 3. overseeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant, agreeing on materials prices, and making cost effective solutions and proposals 4. managing, monitoring and interpreting the contract design documents supplied by the client/architect 5. overseeing quality control, health and safety matters on site 6. day to day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and the work of any subcontractors 7. liaising with the local aut...

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Job Code# 9122

... isd, a french company, hire a network operation engineer for a water treatement saudian firm. job description: the employee will be in charge of the organization, supervision, and following of the operation job for the waste water network (industrial and sanitary). he will be in charge of the field management of all the operators (from the supervisor to the labors), either 130 employees under him. he will also attend some internal and external meeting, especially for the new project (define the scope or under commissioning), crisis time. he need also submit his budget to the superintendent with clear explantions and be in charge of his realization day after day. he will work on collaboration with the network maintenance to ensure the ...

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Job Code# 8578

... rcreee was founded with the broad aim of providing a unique learning and exchange platform on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the arab region. the ultimate objectives spilled out in the founding document are: to diffuse the implementation of cost effective renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, strategies and technologies in the arab region, and to increase the share of renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services in and from countries from the region on the global market. rcreee works through initiating regional policy dialogues and promoting strategies and partnerships favorable to renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in the member states of the arab region. on october 1, 2011, the ...

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Job Code# 8186

... run, develop and expand current and new environmental services in the company. lead the preparation of proposals, pre qualification packages and alliances with local/ international firms. conduct environmental investigations of sites for different environmental problems. prepare reports describing the extent of contamination and remedial alternatives. prepare environmental assessments, perform environmental risk assessments, and plan and evaluate the results of treatability studies....

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Job Code# 4838

... we need a professional trainers at the following sections hse programs...

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Job Code# 4466

... bachelor degree in engineering. 2 4 years of experience in electromechanical equipments maintenance., ex: (fire alarm fire fighting pumps piping installation) familiar with safety standard/codes (nfpa osha ..) is an advantage certified safety trainings (is advantage). ...

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Job Code# 3812

... business development and sales management in the municipal water treatment market, covering water treatment plants, desalination systems, sewage treatmet plants & sludge dewatering systems. 1. optimum technology selection for the market, given company strategies and targets. 2. work closely with other bu's within the group for commercial and technical support. 3. market analysis to define competitors and their strength and weaknesses. 4. market analysis to define the market to define potential clients. 5. market analysis to define the market to define potential projects. 6. market analysis to define and work with consultants and other bodies that produce tender specifications. 7. make final selection of target clients, technol...

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Job Code# 2136

... devises and implements safety or industrial health program to prevent, correct, or control unsafe environmental conditions. maintains liaison with outside organizations, such as fire departments, mutual aid societies, and rescue teams. prepares reports of findings from investigation of accidents, inspection of facilities, or testing of environment. designs and builds safety devices for machinery or safety clothing. checks floors of plant to ensure they are strong enough to support heavy machinery. conducts plant or area surveys to determine safety levels for exposure to materials and conditions. investigates causes of industrial accidents or injuries to develop solutions to minimize or prevent recurrence. c...

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Job Code# 1468

... assist in identification, analysis and control of occupational hazards requiring the application of professional engineering knowledge, skill and abilities. advise on structural safety requirements, stability, stress, concentration & creep; develop and apply methods for the safe installation of storage & piping systems for compressed gases; design protective equipment or safety devices for machines & redesign machines & plant equipment to eliminate occupational hazards; review proposed occupational safety policies, guidelines & standards to determine their consistency with accepted engineering principles & practices & recommend technical changes. assist in the design of safety features & controls, compensating for the possibility of human e...

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