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Job Code: Food security/7478

... job duties and tasks for: butcher and meat cutter must have at least a bachelor degree and 8 years working experience. negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order details. receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery, to ensure meat quality. record quantity of meat received and issued and keep records of meat sales. supervise other butchers or meat cutters. cure, smoke, tenderize and preserve meat. cut, trim, bone, tie, and grind meats, such as beef, lamb, poultry, and fish, to prepare meat in cooking form. prepare and place meat cuts and products in display counter, so they will appear attractive and catch the shopper's eye. prepare special cuts of meat ordered by restaurants and customers from the m...

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Job Code: Food security/3488

... the successful candidate will have good knowledge and experience in shopping, cooking and presenting safe, healthy and tasty oriental and famous international dishes tailored to satisfy the tastes of guests from different backgrounds....

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