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Senior Research Fellow Job

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    Conducts, delivers presents course material in support of the Master of Arts degree in Strategic Security Studies (MASSS) for selected individuals in the APH program, particularly the South and Central Asia Program students.
    Applies professional expertise academic creativity to course design whenever it will stimulate learning, develop syllabi, enrich reading assignments enliven seminar discussions.
    Serves as a Thesis Advisor to individual students to guide assist student research toward timely completion of high quality Masters Theses.
    Engages in outreach that shares the learning experience outside NDU the College faculties.
    Maintains professional relationships with relevant international contacts, DOD, Federal agencies, universities and/or industry to support the Colleges programs and/or identify new opportunities for the College.
    Teaches two courses per semester within the Regional Analytical Studies (RAS) Department in support of the South and Central Asia Program (SCAP).
    Assists in curriculum development including case studies specific reviews updates for the RAS Department in the SCAP area of concentration.
    Participates in those CISA activities concerned with proper functioning of the RAS Department CISA.
      Doctorate from a regionally accredited institution of higher education (or international equivalent) in the appropriate discipline or field such as International Security Studies, Irregular Warfare (Organized Crime, Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Insurgency, Stabilization Reconstruction, Foreign Internal Defense, Unconventional Warfare, Nation Building Special Operations) or other conflict related disciplines (International Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Psychology, Political Science, History Economics).
        Professional expertise in the joint doctrine development process transitional security issues security force assistance peacekeeping operations inter-organizational coordination regional expertise.
        Recent experience in a graduate-level teaching learning environment.
        Senior-level skills in the delivery of graduate level lectures.
        Being Able to guide seminar discussions.
        Maintains subject matter expertise in security studies, South Central Asia studies other relevant topics through outreach scholarship.
          Being Able to pass a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) prior to employment.
            Academic expertise of current operations in South Central Asia.


Minimum experience Any Gender Any
Age from Any Age To Any
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