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Job Code# 8439

... position description working under the supervision of the protection team leader and in cooperation with the protection legal officer, the senior legal officer (slo) works with the team leader to advocate on behalf of amera clients within the egyptian legal system. the slo shall provide full representation and legal advice to clients as required, with a focus on more complex claims, as well as regularly assisting with screening clients. the slo will assist the team leader in developing and maintaining detailed procedures and protocols for the work of the protection team, including procedures for receiving clients, assigning cases, and developing case plans. the slo works with the team leader to coordinate and provide training for new inter...

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Job Code# 8329

... duties are not limited to investigates legal issues or cases for a designated area of business law. formulates views about potential legal problems or the impact of recent regulatory or legislative changes. provides legal opinions or suggestions to management and furnishes written results of problem investigation. could represent the business in case settlements. other duties as assigned. skills good command of english. excellent computer skills. team worker. education faculty of law...

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Job Code# 7672

... gives legal advise to clients on issues pertaining to trademarks, patents, copyrights, commercial laws and anit trust matters. prepares and executes plans of action pertaining to counterfeits and infringements. sends legal notices. prepares submissions and complaints. records trademarks with customs department. conducts negotiations with clients and opponents. assists in investigative work. prepares and sends watch notices for clients. drafts contracts and provides legal advice on contracts. represents clients at government departments, laboratories, etc. coordinates training programs vis vis government agencies and clients. liaisons with outsourced legal teams to ensure client needs are met. ...

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Job Code# 6078

... we are lookin legal advisors with experience in implementation of eu projects for a shor term assignement within the project: preparation of a twinning project fiche for strengthening the egyptian phytosanitary control system brief description: the global objective of the assignement is to effectively support the egyptian agricultural sector by contributing to the improvement of the plant quarantine regime in egypt with a view towards establishing an integrated phytosanitary control system that is effective, interconnected and equitable. the specific objectives of this assignment are to: 1) undertake an assessment of the phytosanitary system in egypt focusing on the capacity the central administration of plant quarantine to develop and e...

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Job Code# 4829

... a lawyer (english section) with at least 1 year of experience to work at the commercial sector. he should be fluent in english & having a very good computer skills....

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Job Code# 4406

... 1. the ability to assist in building a specialized legal library. 2. work on the collection and documentation of cases that were referred to the judiciary regarding wastage of public resources and negligence in maintaining public money, or profiting from it, etc... 3. work on the quarterly reports on the disposition of public funds in the governorates of the republic according to the information they gather, or information sent by partner associations or lawyers in targeted provinces. 4. to participate, in accordance with the instructions of the unit director, in writing the training manual for the training unit. 5. legal review of the material that will be published on the projects site on the internet, and all advertising and promotio...

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Job Code# 4290

... position description the job of rsd team leader is a full time position and s/he works under the day to day supervision of the country director. this job description is a general overview and is supplemented by the specific activities and tasks described in the current version of the amera egypt strategic plan. requirements english being the official language of the unhcr ro cairo as well as of the office, the rsd team leader must be fluent in both oral and written english. llb, llm, jd or equivalent legal education; master s/graduate level legal education and/or practical experience as a legal advocate preferred. experience in human rights and/or with refugees and asylum seekers. a track record of team building or similar ...

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Job Code# 4289

... position description africa middle east refugee assistance (amera), a uk based refugee rights organization and the leading refugee legal aid program in egypt, is seeking to fill an opening for a legal officer to work as an advisor and advocate for refugees in egypt. we are looking for an intelligent, hard working person with a commitment to human rights and service to vulnerable people. we prefer to hire lawyers, but will consider non lawyers with applicable skills. the legal officer will work under the supervision of one of our senior lawyers. the legal officer will most likely begin his or her work focusing on refugee status determination, but depending on personal interests, skills and office needs, legal officers work in a range ...

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Job Code# 4247

... be extremely fluent in english (speaking ,listening and writing ,native english will be prefered ) experienced in legal writing (structure of contracts and agreements) computer skills (windows ,office internet and fast typing ) have the ability to work and co operate with team work have the ability to work under pressure to meet deadline job location cairo ...

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Job Code# 4159

... 1. filing. 2. data management (create, maintain, complete) 3. follow up & maintain the clients daily and monthly reports. 4. follow up the client s contracts (fees consultants researches correspondences) 5. follow up & maintain the firm s document circulation. 6. present and follow up the daily correspondences. 7. manage the firm network group. 8. follow up the firm s website ...

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