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Job Code: Library/5354

... planning of configuration management in projects , performing configuration identification change control ,status accounting (configuration status )and configuration audits. b.a arts (documents and libraries)/commerce (business administration) /information systems. excellent command of english experience in projects documentation. microsoft team foundation experience. development experience is a plus....

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Job Code: Library/2713

... responsable de la branche de maadi vendre , etre responsable de cette branche....

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Job Code: Library/665

... responsibilities include: acquiring new books, and renewing subscriptions, checking books in and out for staff, requesting issn, and isbn codes for hindawi publications, scanning documents, reporting, and archiving projects, preparing material to be sent by courier. making purchase orders, and hotel reservations. requirements: bachelor's degree. documentation and library science major would be an asset. creative and quality oriented. dynamic & ready to work under pressure. good communication skills. . excellent written and oral english and arabic. proficiency in ms office. 0 2 years of relevant experience ...

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